Kahumana Farms, Oahu, Hawai'i

Kahumana Farms, Oahu, Hawai'i


Yes, I was the kid who sobbed at the end of first grade because I feared the learning would stop. But I was also the kid who dropped out of kindergarten because the environment I found myself in stifled my curiosity. Both stories say something about being a learner.

Yesterday, I learned about the new city I've taken up residence in. Today I'm learning about how to make this website. Tomorrow I may learn about new movements in education.

Learning means practicing the art of open engagement with the world around us. It means making time in our day for play, for experimentation, for reading, for taking a walk, for making stuff, for listening. It means getting lost and finding our way.

Learning means sharing new discoveries and ideas with others -- to see what happens when they collide with the learning of others, to see how they hold up, to reflect and understand our learning more deeply. Learning means sharing, also, just because ... it's more fun that way.

Modeling how we learn is important. It's how others know us, and it's often how we teach best about what we've learned from experience or practice. Whether we are leaders, managers, teachers, or parents, what we model through our actions, consciously or unconsciously, can be the starting place for others' learning. We would be wise to keep this ever at the forefront of our minds.

When we stop learning, we stop growing. When we stop growing, we stop living. As educators, we must remind others how to learn; we must help them become aware of themselves and their relationships to the world. We are all learners -- first, last, and always.


Bookshelf, 2016

Bookshelf, 2016

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