"Into the Distance: Kaneohe, Hawai'i," 2016

"Into the Distance: Kaneohe, Hawai'i," 2016


When I created my first blog on Blogger in 2005, I wasn't quite sure what it would become or how it would evolve. All I knew was that it was a place where I could write and maybe, just maybe, find readers. As a frustrated, post-MFA writer of a pile of nonfiction that collected dust in a drawer, this was good enough for me.

Later, I began modeling best education practices and sharing my ideas about education on an administrator blog for the faculty I led, and I found I essentially  was writing to the void. I discovered the magic of how blogging blends images and text to create a new form of writing. I tried out blogging with my students and watched their writing take off when they discovered the impact of writing for an authentic audience. Then I created a blog about education with friend and educator Renee Hawkins, explored opportunities to write for other, more established blogs, and accepted the invitation to become a "Smart Teacher" blogger for Getting Smart. I explored live blogging for my school and accrediting organizations. I used blogging to teach gifted students online. I've encouraged my students and colleagues to share their passions, projects, and thinking with the world. I've helped to develop curricula for using blogging to teach writing and for teaching writing in summer camps. I've used Blogger, Tumblr, Edublog, Kidblog, and Wordpress. I microblog on Twitter and Instagram. I suspect that vlogging may be in my future.

Now I've created my own personal blogging space here to share my learning and thinking about education and the world we live in.  I believe blogging is how we will communicate -- now and for some time to come. It is our way of seeing the world, sharing our connections with it, exploring ideas about what it can become, and imagining our future.

Sample Posts:

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"Pay Your Learning Forward," NAIS 2016 Annual Conference Online Community, March 6, 2016.
"Blogging Now, Communicating in the Future," Getting Smart, April 7, 2015.
"Show and Tell PD: Building Learning Capacities in Teachers," Powerful Learning Practice, reprinted from Microsoft Partners in Learning: Hot Topics, spring 2013.
Blogging "Naked," Or How Does Being Transparent and Digital Change Our Relationships with Just About Everyone," The Flying Trapeze, June 26, 2011.

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