Women Writing: Sharing Resources


We are starting a new interest group for the AAUW Branch (Tarrant County) that I belong to. Already the enthusiasm is inspiring. I want to collect the resources we share in one space, so I am need a place to put them. Here.

The Pause (On Being Newsletter), 14 September 2019
This email newsletter features "Elizabeth Alexander [who] talks about how poetry — and language more generally — can play a role in bringing us closer to one another. She writes in her poem ‘Ars Poetica #100: I Believe;: ‘Poetry … is the human voice. / And are we not of interest to each other?’” The newsletter also states, “For you who are in the process of finding your voice, whether as a writer or a human being, you may know that the act of offering yourself permission to show up as you are can be an incredibly lonely experience. Sometimes it requires you to resist the space between your experience and what the world is telling you about yourself….” The full email shared by Tina Caliga is available here. Subscribe to The Pause and view many useful resources on poetry at the On Being website.

George Orwell’s 6 Rules for Great Writing
In a blog post by Harry J. Stead, 18 August 2018, excerpted from “Politics and the English Language.” This is an old stand-by and the favorite of many writers. I love #6 especially: “(Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.” I believe I began to love writing when my 11th-grade English teacher, Mrs. Patterson, gave me permission to break the rules. Shared by Orlew Lauger.

Hidden Brain, You 2.0: Deep Brain
This episode focuses on how we can develop habits so that we can avoid distractions and focus on the “deep work” required to think deeply. Shared by Tina Caliga. Note to self: Give your self the time and space to allow inspiration to happen and to be able to follow up on it.